Pumping Station Projects
Sydney Water
Camellia, NSW
Camellia Sewage Pump Station Upgrade
This project was a Finalist for the National Safety Council Awards and involved the provision of a 1200L/s dry mounted submersible pump, pipework and power supply.
Water Corporation
Belka and West Narembeen, WA
Narembeen pump Stations
GO constructed new potable water booster pump stations at two locations in the Western Australian rural Wheatbelt region.
Lower Murray Water
Mildura, Vic
Merbein irrigation pump station
Lower Murray Water contracted GO to replace 4 large irrigation pumps, valves, pipework, VSDs and electrical systems in the river city of Mildura, Victoria.
SA Water
Clapham & Wattle Park, SA
Clapham & Wattle Park Pump Stations
These pump stations form part of SA Waters' North South Interconnector System Project (NSISP) transferring water from the Adelaide Desalination Plant to the northern suburbs.
SA Water
Bolivar, SA
Bolivar WWTP main pump station upgrade
GO replaced pumps, pipework and valves, electrical, control and SCADA systems while maintaining operation of this large pump station within the Bolivar WWTP.
Water Corporation
Ravenswood, WA
Ravenswood pump station
3 x 3400kW and 3 x 1600kW Pump Sets and associated high pressure pipework, valves, cooling water and electrical systems to transfer desalinated water to Perth’s reservoirs.
City of Toowoomba
Crows Nest, Qld
Perseverance Dam Pump Stations
GO replaced the low lift pump station 40m below water level and constructed a new high lift pump station on a restricted site alongside the dam. Watch the drone footage here.
Icon Water
Canberra, ACT
ACT Sewage Pump Station Renewals
Working in Australia’s Capital City, GO replaced pumps, pipework, valves and electrical systems in seven existing pump stations in suburban Canberra.
Logan Water
Slacks Creek, Qld
Alfred St Wastewater Pump Station
Logan Water contracted GO to replace pumps, pipework and valves in a 30m deep pump well at Slacks Creek in the City of Logan Council area in Queensland.
Sydney Water
Georges Hall, NSW
Georges Hall Sewage Pump Station Renewal
GO replaced 3 x 375 KW pumps, SS pipework, penstocks, switchboards and all the electrical cabling within the existing 15m deep sewage pump station in NSW.
Water Corporation
Port Hedland, WA
Hedland Water Supply
Port Hedland in the northern Pilbara region of Western Australia required pump stations, flowmeters, fluoridation plant and electrical infrastructure, all provided by GO.
SA Water
Hope Valley, SA
Hope Valley EL170 Tank
GO was contracted to do roof replacement, discharge control valve and pipework at Hope Valley, one of Adelaide’s well known reservoir suburbs.