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Glenelg to Adelaide Parklands reuse scheme

This scheme is part of the SA Government's Water Proofing Adelaide Strategy. It treats and transports recycled water from the Glenelg Waste Water Treatment Plant, primarily to irrigate the Adelaide City Park Lands, but with the option of dual reticulation schemes for future clients. GO was responsible for the design, construction testing and commissioning of the buildings, pump stations, screen filters, a 37 MLD Ultrafiltration Plant and Ultraviolet Disinfection plant, and chemical storage and dosing systems. The design incorporated a number of innovations. The pumping and pipeline design eliminated the need for a break tank in the Adelaide parklands, a vacuum piping system allowed chlorine gas to be transferred safely, and a transfer pump station was constructed underneath the existing ocean outfall so that wastewater flows were not interrupted during the tie-in to the new plant.

“Overall the project has achieved early completion, provided higher standards of water quality than required under the agreement and achieved all of this within an agreed budgetary framework. The Lord Mayor of the City of Adelaide has commended the project execution for the way in which community consultation and construction activities were undertaken, minimising disruption and generating only a handful of complaints.”
John Ringham  Chief Operating Officer, SA Water

Waterproofing the West stormwater reuse scheme

Waterproofing the West provides a region wide system to harvest, treat and store up to 2400ML of stormwater per annum in specific locations and then distribute non-potable water throughout the western Adelaide region. GO undertook the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) services followed by a Design and Construct contract for the Mechanical, Electrical and Integrated Communication and Control components of the Project including all structures, process equipment, pipe-work, electrical, instrumentation, controls and SCADA. GO identified significant cost savings during the ECI process and delivered the project ahead of schedule.

“For this Project Guidera O’Connor displayed the behaviours that as a Project Manager you would like to see Contractors exhibit on a contract which, whilst lump sum in nature, required an approach that was relationship based to achieve the outcomes and objectives. They were resourceful, solving issues as they presented themselves and got on with the job with minimal reliance on the Contract to sort out issues and consistently delivered ahead of the advised schedule.” 

Michael Hood  Waterproofing the West Project Manager, Aurecon.