Wastewater Treatment Projects
Sydney Water
St Marys, NSW
St Marys WWTP SMP Package
This project involved the construction of inlet screens, mixers, launders, grit classifiers, chemical dosing and bioreactor aeration systems at the St Mary’s WWTP in western Sydney.
Hunter Water
Newcastle, NSW
Raymond Terrace WWTP Chemical Dosing
Design and construction of new chemical dosing facilities in the Raymond Terrace wastewater treatment plant in Newcastle, NSW.
Central Highlands Water
Ballarat, Vic
Ballarat South WWTP
At this plant, GO is installing new inlet works including an Archimedes screw pump, screening and grit handling facilities.
Sydney Water
Orchard Hills, NSW
Sydney Science Park
Design and construction of a membrane bio-reactor for the integrated water recycling hub at the developing mixed-use smart city of Western Sydney.
City of Toowoomba
Toowoomba, Qld
Wetalla WWTP Upgrade
Construction of new inlet screens, dewatering plant and a polymer dosing system at this Darling Downs location in southern Queensland.
John Holland / UU
Boonah, Qld
Boonah STP Upgrade
GO constructed filtration and chlorination facilities at this plant in the rural town of Boonah in Queensland’s Scenic Rim region.
John Holland / UU
Kilcoy, Qld
Kilcoy STP Upgrade
Kilcoy is the heartland for the Jinibara People where GO constructed a new inlet works and sludge handling facilities.
Water Corporation
Beenyup, WA
Beenyup WWTP Energy Recovery Facility
This project included installing a Biogas treatment plant, two reciprocating engine generator CHP units, the balance of the plant and electrical systems throughout.
Water Corporation
Woodman Point, WA
Woodman Point WWTP Upgrade
GO replaced existing blowers, ducting & analysers and installed new Clarifiers, RAS pump station and aeration diffusers at this Perth suburban plant.
SA Water
Port Lincoln, SA
Port Lincoln WWTP Sludge Upgrade
In the SA regional city of Port Lincoln, GO provided a new digester, centrifuges, polymer dosing, odour control and sludge drying facilities.
Water Corporation
Albany, WA
Albany WWTP Upgrade
GO prepared new inlet works, dewatering, sludge handling facilities and upgraded the IDEA lagoon at this WA rural location. Watch the drone footage of the project here.
Dept of Defence
Garden Island, WA
On Garden Island in WA, the Department of Defence required GO to put in a new MBR Bioreactor and upgrade the sullage treatment facilities.
Water Corporation
Margaret River, WA
Margaret River WWTP Upgrade
This plant upgrade included the installation of new inlet screens, sludge thickening, dewatering, a new oxidation ditch and clarifier.
Water Corporation
Subiaco, WA
Subiaco MABR
Membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology provides a revolutionary improvement in aerobic wastewater treatment at this MABR trial plant.
Water Corporation
Denmark, WA
Denmark WWTP Upgrade
GO provided new inlet works, an oxidation ditch, clarifier and tertiary treatment facilities at this coastal town located on Wilsons Inlet, WA.
Water Corporation
Bunbury, WA
Bunbury WWTP Upgrade
Bunbury, just 175 km south of Perth required dewatering facilities, polymer dosing, blowers, aeration diffusers and electrical systems, all provided by GO.
Water Corporation
Subiaco, WA
Subiaco DAFT
GO installed a new Dissolved Air Flotation Thickener (DAFT) tank, adding specially formulated polymers as effective physical/chemical technology.
Water Corporation
Beenyup, WA
Beenyup WWTP Dewatering
The new dewatering facilities at this wastewater treatment plant, one of Perth’s larger facilities, were provided by GO for the Water Corporation.
SA Water
Bolivar, SA
Bolivar WWTP
GO completed a program of work to upgrade a variety of elements at the existing wastewater treatment plant in this northern Adelaide suburb.
SA Water
Glenelg, SA
Glenelg WWTP Sedimentation Tanks
Concrete remediation, protective coatings and replacement of scraper mechanisms were some of the works required by SA Water at this suburban plant.
SA Water
Christies Beach, SA
Christies Beach WWTP Upgrade
GO provided the HV Power supply, inlet screens, dewatering, sludge handling and odour control at this outer suburban coastal location of Adelaide.
Hahndorf WWTP Inlet Works
Hahndorf, SA
Hahndorf WWTP Inlet Works
This South Australian historic hills location tasked GO to provide the plant with new screening systems, grit removal, RAS pumps and electrical systems.
SA Water
Woodside, SA
Bird in Hand WWTP
The GOLD JV (GO and Leed) designed and constructed a 12.5 MLD WWTP including the inlet works, digester, sludge handling, reactors, clarifiers, tertiary treatment and reuse system.
Hunter Water
Hunter Region, NSW
CDU Network Upgrade
Hunter Water contracted GO to upgrade and replace 21 operating wastewater ferrous chloride chemical dosing units (CDU’s) across the sewer network in the NSW region.