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Murchison EDR desalination plants

The Water Corporation required water treatment solutions for four communities - Cue, Meekatharra, Mount Magnet and Sandstone, in the remote Murchison Region to deal with issues of high nitrates, salinity, hardness and silica. GO participated in a competitive Early Contractor Involvement process conducting an assessment and comparison of technology options for Microvi MB-N2™ nitrate removal, Nitrate Removal by Ion Exchange, Softening by Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis (optional VSEP), or Electro Dialysis Reversal (EDR). GO was engaged to design and construct four (4) EDR Plants, each including: EDR desal plants in prefabricated buildings, brine evaporation lagoons with HDPE liners, pumping and chemical dosing systems, electrical, instrumentation and control systems, solar power supplies with battery storage and diesel generators with fuel storage

Mount Crosby West Bank valve replacement

Mt Crosby West Bank WTP is a conventional design with sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. As the back-up supply for Mt Crosby East Bank WTP, the Plant has 12 filters that utilise Dissolved Air Flotation to assist in the removal of filter solid waste. The key purpose of this project was to improve the Plant’s reliability replacing existing hardware with the latest compliant hardware. Work included the supply, installation, and commissioning of 4 back wash motors, 16 filter inlet penstock valve electric actuators, 36 back wash inlet valves and pneumatic actuators, 10 air scour valve pneumatic actuators, 11 back wash outlet penstock valve electric actuators and 6 pure water outlet butterfly valve electric actuators.

"The efforts of the GO team ensured that all works were undertaken in a safe, competent manner, with a quality that was second to none. I must also commend the attitude, work ethic and behaviour of the GO team on site, as it was exceptional".
Geoff Timms, Senior Project Manager – Specialist, SEQ Water

Jandakot groundwater treatment plant

This was the design and construction of an upgrade to the Jandakot GWTP and Yarragadee Bore to deliver an additional 20 ML/d making it 60 ML/d in total. The design included three new filter cells, excavation and detailed earthworks, MSCL and HDPE Pipework, installation of the Artesian bore casing, bore pump and discharge main, replacement pumps for the Clear Water Pump Station to despatch 60 ML/d of treated water from the Jandakot GWTP to Thomson’s Lake Reservoir, instrumentation, electrical, fire, security and control systems and landscaping, irrigation and site rehabilitation. GO's design separated the new filter cells from the existing and included HDPE to connect the cells. This removed risk associated with differential settlement between the filter cells.

Hawker desalination plant

This project was for the design and construction of a new desalination system and associated infrastructure at Hawker in the north of South Australia. The scope included the Reverse Osmosis Plant, Pre-Treatment, Post-Treatment, Disinfection System, Brine Evaporation Lagoon, HDPE Liner, Pumping Station and a building to house the equipment and amenities. We engaged a range of local subcontractors to complete the project on schedule. The Hawker community now benefits from the consistent supply of safe, desalinated water.

Barossa water treatment plant filter refurbishment

This project formed part of a Framework Agreement with SA Water and involved the design and construction of new filter block underdrains and replacement filter media. The project scope included the removal and disposal of existing concrete underdrains and filter media, reinstatement of concrete launders and pipework, a new filter block underdrain system, filter gravel, sand, anthracite, filter baffles and air scour pipework. Close negotiation with the plant operators allowed multiple filters to be upgraded concurrently, allowing the project to be completed six weeks ahead of schedule and well under budget.