We maintain the highest safety standards while focusing on quality workmanship and timely delivery.

Hawker desalination plant

This project was for the design and construction of a new desalination system and associated infrastructure at Hawker in the north of South Australia. The scope included the Reverse Osmosis Plant, Pre-Treatment, Post-Treatment, Disinfection System, Brine Evaporation Lagoon, HDPE Liner, Pumping Station and a building to house the equipment and amenities. We engaged a range of local subcontractors to complete the project on schedule. The Hawker community now benefits from the consistent supply of safe, desalinated water.

Barossa water treatment plant filter refurbishment

This project formed part of a Framework Agreement with SA Water and involved the design and construction of new filter block underdrains and replacement filter media. The project scope included the removal and disposal of existing concrete underdrains and filter media, reinstatement of concrete launders and pipework, a new filter block underdrain system, filter gravel, sand, anthracite, filter baffles and air scour pipework. Close negotiation with the plant operators allowed multiple filters to be upgraded concurrently, allowing the project to be completed six weeks ahead of schedule and well under budget.