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Skye network upgrade

The objective of this project was to provide approximately 150 properties in the Skye area with a potable water supply from the SA Water network.  A number of changes to the existing network were required including new pipes, isolation valves and pressure reducing valves. GO completed Early Contractor Involvement services followed by a design and construct contract that included Potable water rising mains, 2 pump stations, 150 customer connections to the rising main and decommissioning of redundant valves and pipework. The work required pipe laying along quiet residential streets and the local traffic flow was not interrupted, meeting all of councils' requirements and the project schedule.

“It was a very challenging exercise to meet the Council's expectations and requirements. The credit goes to whole team for managing it so well… It is very satisfying to be aware of the fact that we have a very satisfied customer.” 

Ashok Thaper  Senior Project Manager, Skye Network Upgrade

SA Water safe access and tank roof replacement programs

GO delivered a range of safe access and tank roof replacement programs throughout regional South Australia. Work across 20 sites typically included the removal of existing structures, concrete repair and provision of new access stairways, access hatches guardrails, roof beams and roof sheeting. GO has developed innovative methods of installing access hatches and beams without the need to drain the tanks and in some cases without needing to enter the tanks. These processes have reduced safety risk and avoided the cost, time impact and environmental harm associated with draining tanks.

“Communications between SA Water and your PM and site Supervisor was exceptional. Your team completed the work 3 weeks earlier than planned after a request from the local SA Water Operations that the tank be ready for service by the September school holidays. GO’s team worked additional hours to ensure that the updated milestone request was delivered. Engineering expertise was great with engineering options provided.”  

Ian Finlay  Project Manager, Streaky Bay Mt Maria Tanks, SA Water